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In NYC, restaurants become work spaces outside of opening hours

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Spacious turns upscale NYC restaurants into working and meeting spaces for USD 95 per month.

Hire-a-desks are now commonplace in big cities, and we have seen everything from front rooms to telephone boxes being turned into on-demand working spaces. Now, Spacious is turning upscale NYC restaurants into office spaces during the day.


Spacious finds large, upmarket restaurants in New York and repurposes them as office spaces during the hours when they are closed, usually from early morning until 5pm. Members, after a free trial day, can subscribe to Spacious locations for USD 95 per month, or USD 29 for a day pass. Guests can also be invited for free for an hour, and services include coffee and snacks and a text-based concierge. Restaurants, including L’Apicio in the East Village, operate the scheme on a profit share basis, and have reported that users often stay on to eat once the restaurant opens for the evening’s service.

These spaces would be especially useful for freelancers looking to take clients somewhere more upscale for important meetings. Could other spaces be co-opted in this way, such as schools or bars?



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