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Ironed into clothes, nano-porous fabric tags neutralize body odor

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If fabric can be designed to purify the air, then why not neutralize body odors as well? That, indeed, is precisely the premise behind UK-based Odegon’s nano-porous fabric tags, which get ironed or sewn into clothing for long-lasting odor-free wear. With no chemicals and no fragrance, Odegon’s iron-on DeOdourTags fabric swatches are “the only inert, non-allergenic, odourless, long lasting, base neutral, environmentally friendly solution to body odour,” in the company’s own words. Designed for use in the underarm portion of a wide variety of garments, the soft tags are made from a special nano-porous material that traps odor molecules using inert intermolecular force, leaving just fresh, clean-smelling air behind. DeOdourTags are currently available in three colors and three sizes. Once ironed or sewn into clothing, they remain effective for the life of the garment, regardless of the number of washes or dry cleans, the company says. Odegon (short for “odor gone”) is now seeking established importing, marketing and distribution companies to help promote and distribute its products around the globe. Time to lend a helping hand towards that end?



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