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Office shuttle buses turn commutes into work opportunities

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A project in Belgium will offer office utilities to commuters, such as secure wifi, printers and coffee as they travel to work.

As we’ve previously seen, driverless shuttle bus projects could become the standard for commuters in the near future, which brings us to ask whether freeing up the necessity to drive could turn vehicles into office spaces? A Belgium-based scheme, called The Office on Wheels project might not involve driverless vehicles yet, but it is offering commuters office perks while they travel.


The scheme was started by the Flanders Institute for Mobility with the objective of utilising the time spent commuting by the working population. The Office on Wheels project will see a coach driving commuters between urban centres and business parks not easily reached by public transport. These buses will feature fast and secure internet connections allowing commuters to access their office server and use cloud storage. Printers and coffee will also be available so that users can begin their workdays while travelling. The project will undergo a six-month trial period before being fully rolled out.

As well as office equipment, what other features could connected driverless cars offer commuters?




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