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Fake 'kid in a kit' excuses workers for leaving early

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Parents may feel entitled to leave work early now and then so as to accommodate the needs of their children, but that doesn’t mean their childless coworkers will agree. Aiming to bring the same benefits to the grumbling employees left behind is The Office Kid, a New York company that provides an all-purpose work excuse in the form of a fictitious “child.” For just USD 19.95, disgruntled childless workers can get what The Office Kid calls a “kid in a kit,” including a framed picture of a child, original kid’s artwork for cubicle display and a welcome letter with suggested starter excuses. Customers can choose the gender and ethnicity of their child, and optional extras—ranging from USD 5 to USD 10—include sports team photos, doctor’s notes on “official” stationery, and additional kid’s artwork. The Office Kid explains: “No muss, no fuss, just a seemingly tangible excuse to hit the road early for 9 holes, sporting events or a ticket to do absolutely nothing.” Ethical questions notwithstanding, there’s no doubt The Office Kid provides an innovative solution to a perceived inequity that’s long been part of the office world. The lesson? Find an itch, scratch it, and sit back while the orders come in! 😉 Spotted by: Jim Stewart



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