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Kid-friendly site connects far-flung families for private online games

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Hard on the heels of our story about Let’s Play Please comes word of yet another games-oriented site for dispersed families. Based in Pennsylvania, Ohanarama is a social game environment in which children and their families can connect, learn and play. Targeting kids aged 5 through 12, Ohanarama (named for “ohana,” the Hawaiian word for “family”) aims to provide a safe and fun place for family and friends to come together for learning and play. Parents begin by creating a small, private and secure network of the family members and friends they want to include. From there, members of a network can challenge each other in age-appropriate game play, including quizzes, contests and other options. Along the way, players can earn points and tokens that can be used to send gifts to family members or redeemed for real-world prizes. Whole families can also challenge other families to competitions. Ohanarama games can be played either on the company’s site or through a dedicated Facebook application. Either way, it’s free to play, and the site can be used asynchronously by those in different time zones. Families can’t always stay together in the same geographical area, but they can still stay connected through kid-friendly sites such as this. Time to set up something similar in your part of the world? Spotted by: Katharina Kieck



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