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Business travelers without corporate jet privileges will soon be able to travel in style, as DayJet, the world’s first ‘per-seat, on-demand’ jet service, is launching in the Southeastern United States later this year. DayJet’s point-to-point serivce will connect smaller cities that currently have little or no scheduled service. Customers pay per seat, about USD 3-4 per mile. DayJet keeps costs low by operating the Eclipse 500, one of a group of recently developed very light jets (VLJs). At around USD 1.4 million, the five-seat Eclipse 500 is one of the cheapest business jets ever sold. But the revolutionary aspect of DayJet isn’t that it uses a speedy new microjet, it’s in the software that the company has developed to organize flights in the most efficient way, taking into account everything from variable fuel costs to crew schedules, and still being able to charge less than a regular charter (non-jet) plane service. When a customer punches in a route online, DayJet’s incredibly complex software is able to calculate the best possible schedule and price, updating them every five seconds. To business travellers, the appeal is obvious, especially in regions lacking good coverage by scheduled flights. Which is why this concept should work well in quite a few countries. For most entrepreneurs, however, it will be too cost-intensive to launch. Second best opportunity? Contact DayJet and get involved in their expansion in any way possible.


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