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Developed in Melbourne by Modern Media Concepts, iLove is a 32-page, full-colour magazine contained within a glossy label on a 600ml bottle of spring water. It’s the world’s first magazine on a bottle, and is published in four separate editions fortnightly. iLove’s female target audience should love its purse-sized format, which makes it great for reading on the tube or while having lunch, and advertisers will be enamoured by its reach – a weekly circulation reaching 150,000 this month (March 2006) and growing, which will soon make it Australia’s largest women’s magazine. A magazine for children and one for men (on bottles of iced coffee) will follow later this year. An important benefit of publishing on a grocery product is the opportunity to bypass traditional distribution systems for periodical publishing, which are infamous for their slow sales data reports, in contrast to distribution via supermarkets, where every sale can be tracked daily. Inspirational tidbit for young entrepreneurs: co-founder Joanna Wojtalik was 26 and a college student when she came up with the idea of publishing on products. As always, there’s nothing that cannot be re-imagined!


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