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One app for managing all privacy data

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Jumbo can change Facebook privacy settings, delete old tweets and more

Spotted: A new app promises to manage all of a users’ privacy settings from one location. Jumbo can change your Facebook privacy settings with one tap and create backups, as well as delete old tweets, Google searches and Alexa voice queries.

It will soon be able to clear out old Tinder and Instagram posts as well. Another feature will let users access old data that is encrypted and securely stored on their iCloud or Dropbox accounts.

The name Jumbo was chosen by the apps’ designers as a reminder that big tech never forgets anything you have ever posted or searched for. In contrast, Jumbo is an elephant that never remembers. All of Jumbo’s processing takes place on the users’ phone — the app does not communicate with a server. This means that Jumbo doesn’t even know who is using the app.

Jumbo operates on a freemium subscription model, with users paying for advanced features. Although only available for the iPhone, an Android version will be released soon.



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