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Credit card-sized device can hold entire digital identity

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Keepod aims to offer a single card on which users' entire “digital soul” can be stored.

We’ve seen numerous approaches over the years to try and store various types of consumer data, but it wasn’t until recently that we came across the Keepod. Similar to Skanz, which captures the user’s entire online presence in a single QR code, Keepod aims to offer a single card on which users’ entire “digital soul” can be stored. Named after the Hebrew word for Hedgehog, UK-based Keepod is a credit card-sized device that allows users to securely carry their work desktop, services and digital identity with them wherever they go on a secure portable drive. Featuring a proprietary operating system along with hardware encryption and near field communication, the Keepod is verified as Citrix Ready and keeps the user’s data and digital identity secure. Consumers can scan their Keepod to access public transportation or make purchases, for instance, and to operate as an access key for secured workplaces. Meanwhile, the device can also connect to cloud services, virtual desktop infrastructures and application streaming solutions so that users can securely access business applications from any location, enabling enterprises to secure and manage data centrally. The video below demonstrates the premise in more detail: In this increasingly digital world, sophisticated online access while on the go is increasingly in demand. Tech-minded entrepreneurs: one to get involved in? Spotted by: Lily Dixon



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