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Bali | Photo source Pixabay

One lease for dreamy live-work locations around the world

Work & Lifestyle

Roam residents can access communal live-work spaces in Bali, Madrid, Miami, and more for USD 500 a week.

We have already seen a co-living space called The Collective providing an alternative solution to London’s unaffordable rental properties. Now Roam is the world’s first international co-living provider. With properties in Bali, San Francisco, Miami, and expanding to Tokyo and London, the startup combines communal live-work spaces with private bedrooms and bathrooms, so residents can create their own perfect mix of socialising, work and private time.

By signing a lease with Roam, residents have access to a room in any of the company’s properties around the world. All of the Roam buildings are much larger than a house, and in addition to the communal workspaces, offer meeting rooms, space for events and classes, a shared kitchen, and dining areas. The buildings highlight the benefits of high-quality resources, such as the professional kitchens, over multiple, tiny kitchenettes as per traditional apartment living.

Community is an important aspect of the Roam ethos, and many events and activities hosted by residents are open to the public. The company wants to attract a diverse and supportive group of residents and offers leases on weekly and monthly terms.



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