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Online concert venue grants access to sold out shows

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EVNTLIVE is an online concert venue that enables users watch a customizable live feed of shows with friends.

Music lovers are now well versed in buying albums and singles off the web, whether through downloading or online stores. But what about live events? In the past startups such as eMusic Live have enabled fans to buy video of the show they just saw at on-site kiosks, but EVNTLIVE is an online concert venue that lets users watch a customizable live feed of shows with friends. While many consumers may have good intentions about attending live shows, their time and location-sensitive means that it’s not always possible – and tickets to see popular artists can either be too expensive or sell out before they get the chance. Those logging onto EVNTLIVE can browse the shows that are coming up – in the past it has broadcast concerts by bands such as Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly and Bon Jovi – and buy a ticket. Shows run on a pay-per-view basis, typically costing around USD 3 or 4 to watch. Users are notified when their concert is about to begin and can see if any of their Facebook friends have also bought a ticket. During the broadcast, fans have control over the camera angle to personalize their experience. After the show is over, the video is free to watch. EVNTLIVE offers a way for consumers to see sold out shows as they happen, while also opening up an extra avenue for income for bands and event organizers. Are there other ways live events can be brought into the digital world?



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