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Online marketplace | Photo source Adolfo Félix on Unsplash

Online marketplace connects travellers directly to local experts

Travel & Tourism

A marketplace for travel works with local experts to build customised trips for clients.

A new web-based Australian startup, Designer Journeys, is a travel marketplace connecting travellers with local experts to create tailored travel experiences. Travellers can design their desired trip and then collaborate with local experts to build the perfect trip that matches their requirements. With Designer Journeys’ internal chat platform, travellers can directly communicate with local experts to customise their trip. Designer Journeys is easy-to-use and accommodates group bookings by allowing users to share trip details with friends and family. Travellers have control over every element of their trip, including price, with the option to create budget-friendly or luxury holidays. Once the details are finalised, travellers can book their trip through Designer Journeys’ booking platform. Additionally, Designer Journeys has built an algorithm which auto-generates trips by analysing the companies growing archive of Trip Plans.

As well as simplifying the custom travel booking experience for travellers, Designer Journeys offers local experts new opportunities. Designer Journeys believes B2C is the future of travel and their online platform facilitates this. Local experts can use the platform to communicate easily with clients and also simplify the process of preparing tailored itineraries. After the trip, a two-way feedback system collects ratings from travellers and local experts.

Designer Journeys currently operates in eight countries; these are Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, South Africa, Myanmar, Laos and Morocco. To advertise these regions and attract customers, Designer Journeys is enlisting the help of local experts to create a library of travel videos. The company provides them with video training to assist them in producing promotional content which they hope to launch soon. Here at Springwise, we have previously published travel innovations such as a flight ticket crowdfunding website. Another innovation is a travel insurance app that automatically turns on and off using geolocation. In what other ways can the travel industry transform to create bespoke products?




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