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Platform facilitates event marketing, both online and offline

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Coming out of the Netherlands, Planspot aims to be a comprehensive platform for promoting events — combining social media and online marketing planning

We’ve already seen online platforms being used to organize concerts on a small scale with Belgium’s Slowbizz. Coming out of the Netherlands, Planspot aims to be a more comprehensive way to promote events — combining social media and online marketing planning. Set to be launched in September, the platform enables users to create an event, which can then be easily published on social networks without leaving the Planspot website. Twitter hashtags and events created on Facebook prior to signing up can be imported and synced with the user’s account and statistics – including numbers of attendees and those interacting online. All interaction with the event’s social media pages and announcements are aggregated and presented in one feed on the site. Organizers also gain access to a Press Center, where they can create professional press releases, import a database of contacts and receive suggestions for media partners. Companies looking to sponsor events can sign up as a media partner and set target industries to have suitable events recommended to them. The team behind Planspot are currently working on integrating LinkedIn, Foursquare and the Dutch social media site Hyves. The service will be free to use when it launches, although potential members need to request an invitation. The following video offers a demonstration of the site: Planspot aims to save time and make it more convenient for businesses to manage and promote their events. In what other ways could consolidating the power of social networks be useful?



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