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Online tool could lead to better breast cancer prevention

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Cambridge University scientists help doctors more quickly and accurately calculate breast cancer risk

Spotted: Scientists at The University of Cambridge, led by Professor Antonis Antoniou, have developed an online tool called CanRisk. It helps doctors more accurately predict a women’s risk of getting breast cancer. While not the first tool of its kind, CanRisk’s unique algorithm goes deeper than other computer tools to identify women who were previously overlooked. CanRisk prompts doctors with specific questions, which go beyond those related to family history, patient’s weight and alcohol consumption. Risk calculation is more precise, taking into account more than 300 genetic indicators for breast cancer. The data collected provides scientists with fresh insight into the role genetics and lifestyle play in the development of the disease.

Nurses and doctors in the UK are currently testing CanRisk. It’s still unclear when it will be rolled out for the commercial market. The project receives funding from Cancer Research UK.




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