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Online tool enables faster, more concise website feedback

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Wishbox is an online feedback tool enabling users to modify, add notes to and crop specific web pages.

Whether giving feedback to a designer during the build of a website, or contacting a business because their website isn’t clear, many Web users find that putting their suggestions into words can be tricky. Hoping to make that a problem of the past, a new online feedback tool — Wishbox — enabes users to modify, annotate and crop specific web pages. Wishbox was launched last month as a simple way for businesses to communicate with their customers and better manage their web design projects. Websites using Wishbox display a small, unobtrusive “feedback” button to the side of their page. When visitors click on this, they are then able to add annotations and drawings to a screenshot of the web page, enabling them to give faster and more precise feedback. Jotform — the engine running behind Wishbox — enables site owners to embed customizable forms and question for users to fill in as part of this feedback. Once comments are submitted, the site owner is notified by email and can reply to the sender. Wishbox is compatible with all websites, requires only an email address from those making comments, and allows 100 free feedback submissions per month. After that pricing is based on the number of monthly submissions. The video below shows Wishbox in more detail: Those working in web design or customer services: one to try out in order to obtain smoother and more concise communication from customers? Spotted by: Aytekin Tank



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