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Online database can name that tune

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Anyone who’s ever had a song stuck in his or her head (and who hasn’t?) but was unable to place the title or artist is bound to think Midomi pure genius. Users need only sing, hum or whistle a few bars into their computer microphones, and this online search engine can match the tune against its evergrowing musical library. The customer then has the option to purchase the track and can connect with others who share the same musical interests. Like any rich Web 2.0 venture, the Midomi experience is enhanced by its members. Users can create profiles including information on their favourite artists or genres. Members can send messages, pictures and videos to one another and make recommendations to others with similar tastes. They also can perform and rate one another’s renditions of their favourite songs, making Midomi a platform for not just discovering the name of a particular tune that keeps rattling through your head, but for discovering new talent as well. Currently available in six languages and with more than two million licensed music tracks and a growing collection of user-created files, Midomi still has lots of potential for further enhancements, such as allowing for customers to call in from and download songs directly to their mobile devices—sort of a cross between Midomi and Shazam, which we featured several years back (Shazam didn’t recognize hummed renditions; it needed to ‘hear’ the original version). There could be some potential for partnerships as well, not to mention widgets to promote the site through personal web spaces and blogs. Moreover, once customers get spoiled by a site that allows them to look up songs based on just the snippets they can remember, one has to wonder if there might be room for similar databases for looking up movies, television shows and even commercials by just saying a few lines. Spotted by: Peter Yu and Theresa Duffy



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