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Open platform for downloadable electronics parts


SnapEDA is an open platform lets users download design files of electronic components for free.

Once upon a time designers had to spend hours working on computer aided design chips and circuit boards before they were able to create a new product. But now, an online platform is opening up electronics design with a downloadable library of components.

SnapEDA is a library for all kinds of microchips, circuit boards and schematics for product parts. These designs can be downloaded and used in creating electronic products such as smartwatches, drones or speakers. SnapEDA enables designers to download most of the basic designs for their CAD tool for free, only charging a premium subscription of USD 1,200 for bulk orders and 3D models.

According to TechCrunch, companies including Google, Boeing, General Electric and Sony are already using SnapEDA designs for their products and research. The San Francisco-based company also operates a community for users to upload CAD designs and answer other users’ questions.


We have seen downloadable and customizable designs offered in fashion and furniture making to people around the world via open platforms. What other industries could benefit from similar platforms?



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