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Platform helps connect brands with sustainability experts

Advertising & Marketing

There’s no doubt that brands large and small can benefit by incorporating sustainable practices into their business strategies; what’s not always clear is how that’s best achieved. That’s where OpenEyeWorld comes in, with a platform designed to help brands and sustainability experts connect. Now in beta, Singapore-based OpenEyeWorld aims to be “the premier location for brands to engage with experts to improve and communicate their CSR/sustainability,” in the site’s own words. Toward that end, it connects sustainability experts, corporate social responsibility (CSR) professionals and companies seeking to be more sustainable so as to help brands identify sustainability-based business opportunities. Users of OpenEyeWorld can search and view all expert and brand profiles, and they can engage fellow participants for brainstorming, feedback or advice, either openly or anonymously. OpenEyeWorld is designed to be offered by channel partners as a tool for their clients. Accordingly, the site is now in the process of recruiting both channel partners and sustainability experts and organizations. Green-minded entrepreneurs: one to get involved in? (Related: Incubator for socially focused ideasService helps product designers find sustainable new materialsNike, Best Buy & others to openly share green product innovations.) Spotted by: Casey Brennan



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