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Online portal connects all those involved in pop-up retail


Much the way FoodHub aims to promote the buying and selling of locally grown food by connecting those on both sides of the purchase equation, so strives to do the same for pop-up retail by helping retailers, building owners, shoppers and others find each other at just the right time. We’ve been covering the pop-up retail trend for years now, of course, and it’s clearly still going strong. But typically, it can be difficult for would-be pop-up retailers to find space that’s available when they need it, and for consumers to learn about fleeting stores while they’re still open. aims to change all that by providing a central place for all interested parties to meet. Launching today, the South Carolina-based site lets retailers, landlords, designers, contractors, journalists and consumers around the world register for free. Once inside, they can create or search listings for property that’s available or desired, or for pop-up stores past, present or future. Listings cost USD 10 per month, and a variety of press releases and other promotional aids are also available for USD 10 or less. will soon launch a blog, a printed magazine and video content as well, it says. If there was any doubt the pop-up trend is maturing, this should help put such concerns to rest. Now, all those involved in pop-up ventures of their own: time to log on and make the most of these new connections! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Related: High-end clothing brand only sells on tour dates โ€” Partnering with Crunch, pop-up Gap store focuses on fitness for a month โ€” Nationwide network of pop-up marketing spaces.)



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