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Mushroom powder | Photo source Pixabay

Organic mushroom powder blocks bitterness, reduces sugar

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MycoTechnology’s ClearTaste powder blocks most of the tongue’s bitter receptors, reducing the need to use sugar to mask unpleasant tastes.

With food technology producing everything from vegan meat to algae cubes that can taste of anything, eating “real” food could become redundant. One of the problems with many of the food products available today is the high sugar content. MycoTechnology has found a solution with its organic ClearTaste powder. ClearTaste blocks bitter receptors on the tongue, making food taste better, thus reducing the need to add sugar.

Grown from mycelium, the culture that produces mushrooms, ClearTaste is mostly carbohydrates and works with almost any other substance. The powder is so effective that only very small quantities are needed. ClearTaste is already used in a variety of products, including drinks, supplements and powders. The company’s development goals include looking at ways in which mycelium could be used to help alleviate the world’s dependence on animal products for protein.

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