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Organic tampon delivery for the most stress-free period

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Cora’s environmentally-friendly tampons come in silent wrappers, are 100 percent organic, and support a social cause.

Mixing quality design with personalized home delivery, Cora’s tampons are made from 100 percent certified organic cotton, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Subscribers choose from a variety of sizes and quantities and receive a regular delivery every three months.

Cora’s founders set up the company in response to the lack of regulation of menstrual hygiene products, on top of insufficient testing of the long-term effects of trace toxins, which can be found in most tampons currently on the market. The packaging of Cora tampons is designed specifically to replace the plastic, brightly colored boxes and wrappers used by many brands with something environmentally-friendly and stylish.

The first delivery of a subscription comes with what the company calls a Little Black Box, a Little Black Clutch and Stowaways — vegan leather cases for all the different times and places women need tampons. The tampons are packaged in soft and silent wrappers, so quiet bathroom are not intimidating for first-timers or teens at school.


Though we have already seen another tampon delivery service, and an organization working on making menstrual hygiene products sustainable, accessible and relevant to different cultures, Cora combines the best of both ideas and offers a discreet alternative so women can have an easy period experience.

Partnering with local social enterprises and manufacturing units, Cora matches the sales from its subscription service each month with purchases of locally made menstrual pads. The pads are distributed to girls who otherwise would be unable to afford or access such hygiene products.

Are there other overlooked areas of personal hygiene that could be given an eco makeover?



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