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Organic peas & a manicure


After having thoroughly established that shoppers are willing to pay premium prices for natural and organic products, Whole Foods is adding premium services to match: an in-house spa and concierge services that include personal shoppers. A Whole Foods store in Dallas is the first to incorporate a full-service spa. Located on the store’s second floor, ReFresh has seven treatment rooms, its own retail space (a store within a spa within a store) and a private veranda balcony ‘for outdoor relaxation, spa meals and retreat’. The spa is run by Whole Foods, not outsourced to an existing spa brand. The spa applies the same quality standards as the grocers downstairs do, opting for fresh, plant-based and naturally derived ingredients and only using products that haven’t been tested on animals. Catering to customers pressed for time, the spa offers quick options like a mini manicure and a 25-minute Swedish massage, along with a wide range of more indulgent treatments. Allowing customers to multi-task, Whole Foods’ concierge service offers personal shoppers. After handing over their shopping list, customers can go for a spa treatment while a Whole Foods employee dives into the aisles to gather their groceries. The shopping service is priced at USD 20/hour. Other concierge services include special (bulk) orders, dietician consultations, catering and event services and menu planning. If the spa takes off at the Dallas store, Whole Foods will add it to other locations. Concierge services are offered at a number of markets. Opportunities? Naturally, not every retailer is positioned to add a spa or concierge team to their offerings. Whole Foods Markets are mostly located in affluent areas, where consumers are willing to spend on a bit of pampering and convenience. And the company’s focus on natural products meshes well with natural spa services. Still, the focus on creating a good experience and offering consumers a combination of ease and pampering is one to learn from if you’re in retail. Spotted by: Jim Schafer



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