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Never give the wrong size again

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The best-laid plans to give clothing as a gift can be foiled in an instant for lack of the recipient’s correct size. Aiming to banish such disappointments once and for all, Belgian OrgaSizer offers an online place to check the sizes and preferences of loved ones and friends. Users of OrgaSizer begin by registering with their age, location and gender, among other information. They can then enter all their sizes and preferences for a variety of different types of clothing. Along the way, users can decide what information they’d like to share with others, and exactly whom they’d like to share it with. Nothing is ever publicly shared, OrgaSizer stresses. Users can also create wish lists and request reminders about important gift-giving dates. Ultimately, the idea is that shoppers hoping to purchase a gift can then check the site from wherever they happen to be to see what the recipient wants, and in what sizes or variations. OrgaSizer is still smoothing out the edges on its site, which at present is available only in English. More languages are coming soon, along with advertising support, it’s hoped. Clothing brands and retailers around the globe: one to sponsor, partner with or otherwise get involved in? (Related: Gift-giving simplified through a prepaid planNever forget to send a birthday card.)



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