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Personal data storage with emergency access

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Orggit offers a new take on web-based information storage. We’ve already seen this service in a several guises: from ultra-secure ‘memory’ storage inside a Swiss mountain, to an online locker for loved ones to open after the user’s death. Orggit’s unique selling point is the In Case of Emergency (ICE) card that it supplies with every subscription. Using the card, medical personnel can call a dedicated helpline and quote the member’s ID code to gain access to all of their medical vitals, which could be a lifesaver. In case of a lost wallet, the good samaritan who finds it can also call the helpline and Orggit will arrange an owner-wallet reunion. Orggit is essentially a consumer-friendly rebranding of parent company Morgan Street Document Systems‘ core service, which it has operated for high-end clients since 2003. As the online information storage industry goes mainstream, Orggit is aiming to appeal to the masses by offering them a comprehensive and highly-organised place to store critical data. In addition to medical records, there’s a wallet section for storing card and ID data, an ‘accounts and codes’ area and a virtual filing cabinet that can hold about 10,000 documents. A free Orggit iPhone app—rapidly becoming a web start-up essential—gives users mobile access. Annual subscription to Orggit’s service costs USD 49.99. This includes the ability to add up to 10 users and manage access rights for each user. While consumers are overwhelmed with places to store data online for free (email providers, Google Docs etc.), Orggit’s core value is in the structure and security it provides. The ICE card gives further peace of mind to users. One to localize for other languages and regions? Spotted by: Jonathan Pirc



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