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Video interviewing platform simplifies recruitment process

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Recruitment processes can be long and inconvenient for both employer and candidate. Whether it’s trawling through piles of applications or organizing hectic diaries and travel arrangements to schedule interviews, California-based Ovia believe their video interviewing platform offers a solution. Ovia’s four stage recruitment process aims to save businesses time and money by helping them find the right candidate faster. Firstly, the interviewer records their questions and sets a specific time for candidates to answer each question. Videos are customizable, branded to suit individual businesses and can include promotional videos to give candidates more information about company culture. Next a branded email is sent to selected candidates who have the flexibility to record interview answers at a convenient time. However, they may only record answers once, meaning that employers can still see how candidates react to unexpected or difficult questions without preparation. Completed video responses are sent back to the company account and finally an integrated collaboration tool allows decision makers to view and comment on candidates without having to set up specific meetings or send videos back and forth. At no point does the interviewer need to cover expensive travel arrangements to transport candidates to their offices. Recognizing the global nature of candidate selection, the site is available in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish, with a free trial available for potential customers. With many new sites and apps focused on helping candidates find the right job, boss and salary Ovia are tapping into the needs of the employer. So what else could be done to make recruitment processes slicker, quicker and more personal? Spotted by: Katharina Kieck



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