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Fun and funky first aid kits

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If fire protection kits can be upgraded with a splash of style, then why not first aid kits too? Canister UK’s new OW! brand does just that with an assortment of all-in-one kits cutely packaged for various purposes. Four OW! kits are available for GBP 5.99 each through Boots stores across the UK as well as online. The Home Sweet Home kit, for example, includes forehead thermometer, washproof plasters, wound pad and bandage, antiseptic wipes, safety pins, burns dressing and finger bandage, all in a cheerful silver and orange container. The silver and purple Cheeky Monkeys kit, on the other hand, adds children’s plasters, cooling gel sheet and star stickers “for being brave!”. Also available are kits for travel and sports. All four are “robust, recyclable and reusable”—as the site puts it—and “a far cry from one of those big old dusty kits you never use, which lurks at the back of your kitchen cupboard.” Ready for another rendition of one of our favourite refrains? Here goes: everything—yes everything—can be upgraded! Take a tired old product, add some modern convenience and stylish packaging, and you too could end up in a chain of 850 stores nationwide! 😉



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