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Site gives authors quick reader feedback, based on page 99

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It’s not uncommon for bookstore patrons to read page 99 of a prospective purchase as a way to decide if they actually want to buy it. Now aiming to help authors benefit from such evaluation earlier in the process, Page 99 Test is bringing that practice online. Currently gearing up for a launch into private beta, Page 99 Test lets writers upload page 99 of their published or unpublished books to the site. There, readers can read and rate those single-page samples and indicate whether they’d a) turn the page, and b) buy the book based on what they read. Each page stays up for 30 days or 50 reads, whichever comes first. The goal is “to help writers understand if their writing — judged by the reader, who has access to just that one page — was good enough to compel the reader,” the site explains. Sign-up is now open for Page 99 Test’s upcoming beta period. Coming later will be a paid service allowing authors to upload full chapters of their books for evaluation, as well as a service to help them connect with agents and editors. Referral fees for published books may also be added, according to the Page 99 Test blog. As the tablet and eReaders continue to transform the book publishing world — and as the (often self-publishing) crowds have an increasingly prominent voice in determining what gets sold — Page 99 Test could play a role in helping the cream of unpublished books rise to the top. One to watch! (Related: Free e-book streaming and sharing with ad supportA curated marketplace for self-published booksLeanpub encourages authors to publish early & edit oftenCrowdsourcing site helps publishers find new authorsHarperCollins hopes crowds will spot next bestsellerSelling books by the chapter.) Spotted by: NOTCOT



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