Innovation That Matters

In Prague, a new shopping mall caters for men


If men can have their own cupcakes, clothes irons, candles and in-home retail parties, isn’t it time they had their own shopping malls too? That, apparently, is essentially the thinking behind Pánská Pasáž — a brand-new upscale mall in Prague focusing primarily on male shoppers. Currently in the midst of a June launch, Pánská Pasáž — which translates roughly into “Gentlemen’s Arcade” — is the first shopping center in the Czech Republic dedicated primarily to men, its creators say. Developed by Metrostav, the 800-square-meter venue features 19 luxury shops including Ralph Lauren, famed Austrian tailor Knize, a gourmet food market, a shoe shop, a parfumerie for men, a traditional barbershop and a tobacco store. Just as female fever is bringing a raft of long-overdue products and services to women, so there are plenty of opportunities to better serve the men of this world as well. Time to start brainstorming! Spotted by: Judy McRae



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