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Fashionable panties for women absorb accidental leaks

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The Dear Kate women's underwear range hopes to provide a fashionable solution to a particularly feminine problem.

While Japanese firm Goldwin’s MXP underwear has tried to tackle body odor using nanotechnology, the Dear Kate women’s underwear range hopes to provide a fashionable solution to a specifically feminine problem. During pregnancies, periods or old age, all women can experience unexpected leaks that can be embarrassing if out in public or in the company of others. With this in mind, all of the undergarments produced by Dear Kate are made using two layers of absorbent and moisture-wicking fabrics, as well as an extra leak-resistant layer that helps to contain up to three teaspoons of liquid. The garments are machine-washable and available in both a Basics and Fancies range to cater for everyday wear and special occasions respectively. Dear Kate’s pregnancy line also uses a flexible stretching fabric to cater for the changing shape of the bodies of mothers-to-be. The items range from USD 28 to USD 38, depending on the design and lining type, while sets are available from USD 75. The video below offers a demonstration of the panties: The underwear helps women feel more comfortable in a potentially stressful situation which, according to the company, affects 60 percent of the female population every month, while also allowing them to remain stylish.



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