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Parental leave management helps pregnant businesswomen

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LeaveLogic aims to make parental leave easier to navigate for businesses and employees.

Combining a successful career with raising a family has long been a problematic issue for both employers and employees. With a necessary period of leave, often unplanned, companies can struggle to manage the period of absence and often fail to provide adequate paid leave for both parents. Currently, US law does not even require companies to provide paid leave. Anna Steffeney, founder of LeaveLogic, believes that a proactive approach to parental leave can be beneficial to both the parents and their employers.

LeaveLogic provides management software that works for both the employer and employees. The expectant parents are presented with options unique to their situation, including if they intend to adopt or foster children. LeaveLogic provides up-to-date State and Federal legislature, which companies can integrate with their own policies. Companies are encouraged to acknowledge that retaining an employee is more cost effective than training a new employee, and that being more approachable to a traditionally taboo subject enhances employee experience. Having a parental leave management system in place encourages employees to announce their pregnancy 3-5 months sooner, so that more preparation time is available to both parties, and practical solutions can be tailored to individual needs.

LeaveLogic is providing a practical, technological solution to a traditionally complex subject, aiming to simplify HR issues while allowing expectant parents to be open about an upcoming pregnancy. Could a similar approach be taken for those with long-term medical conditions?



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