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For parents of students, subscription box replaces the traditional care package

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Pijon is a subscription service that lets parents regularly send products to their college-age kids to keep them healthy.

Sending a regular parcel of essentials is a common way for parents to make sure their college-age kids look after themselves while they’re away studying. Now Pijon wants to help those parents, offering a subscription service with product ideas designed to keep students healthy.

The service comes in two versions – one for boys and one for girls – and each box contains a selection of different products that will help students in their studies and new lifestyle. The startup’s first box – which followed a theme of ‘Back to School’ – contained healthy fruit and nut bars, Dorset Cereals muesli, Dove soap, a Muji notepad and a roll-up chalkboard. The company aims to include the kind of items that are traditionally sent by parents to help their kids away from home, while also selecting high quality brands that are out of the reach of the typical student budget. Boxes can be ordered from USD 25 a month and Pijon has teamed up with various partners to provide different gifts every month.

Pijon hopes to add the facility for parents to add a personal note to each box in the near future, making it easier for them to let their children know they’re thinking of them. How else can the subscription model be used to help connect those living far apart?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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