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Party suites for teens

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Kids’ birthday parties are not what they used to be. More than a small soiree at home, with food, fizzy drinks, games and screaming kids, children’s parties have gone sophisticato. It’s estimated that UK parents are spending in excess of GBP 1 billion on giving their children a party to remember. With more and more parents keen to outsource the noise and mess, Alton Towers has stepped up to the plate to fill a gap in the market. The latest suite to be added to the Alton Towers Hotel is the Sleepover Suite. A themed room designed to hold the ultimate girls’ night-in, where up to six friends can share an evening of deluxe, unadulterated and uninterrupted fun. Picture a sound-proofed, bright pink room, enabling a night of blaring pop-music and girly shrieking. The suite is divided in two – an area for partying and a section for sleeping. The party section features a state-of-the-art home entertainment system with a plasma TV, a Sony PlayStation, a mini-dance floor, a karaoke machine, a pink fridge brimming with ice cream and chocolate and a library of chick flicks for an all night movie marathon. The sleeping section includes six Chill-out beds by SilentNight which can clip together to make one. The bathroom area is girl-party friendly with wall-to-wall mirrors, dressing tables and lots of complimentary pampering products from UK health and beauty outlet Superdrug. The opportunities for cross promotion with other brands is limitless. 🙂 The Sleepover Suite’s pilot test launched July 14th and costs begin at GBP 300 per night, with demand already strong for this new concept. Please note that we can’t help you with booking, prices or availability. For more information, please contact Alton Towers directly: 0870 999 0251.



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