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Patients control hospital environment with iPad-based suite

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The Caring MR Suite enables patients to customize their hospital environment using an iPad, making them feel more comfortable during MRI scans.

Whether it’s making patient data collection more engaging or providing a device to check users’ health, mobile technology is increasingly proving its practicality in the medical sector. Now PDC has developed the Caring MR Suite which employs the iPad to enable patients to customize their hospital environment, making them feel more comfortable during MRI scans. Using the suite, patients can alter the atmosphere of the room where they will be scanned in order to reduce the anxiety that can come with the procedure. Controlled through a pre-programmed iPad, patients can manipulate their surroundings with lighting, images, video and music, while those who would prefer to bring their own music can use a docking device for an iPhone or iPod. The suite includes special LED lighting fixtures and image panels that are installed in the walls and ceiling of MRI scan rooms. Hospitals can also select which elements of the Care MR Suite they need. The video below explains a bit more about how the product can work:
We’ve already seen a wealth of examples proving how valuable mobile technology can be in the health sector, and we’re sure there are more to come. Whether improving the patient experience or making things easier for medical staff, there’s plenty of inspiration here for health and tech entrepreneurs! Spotted by: Smith Alan



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