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Pattern cutting library opens in Sao Paolo


In Brazil, a free, open source pattern cutting library is encouraging people to reflect more on the garments they wear.

Open-source design is increasingly popular, encouraging decentralised development and collaboration. We have covered a number of interesting open-source innovations such as this all-terrain wheelchair created for developing countries, and this line of desktop electronics made from corrugated cardboard. With open-source pattern cutting library, Atelie Vivo, opening in Sao Paolo earlier on this year, it looks as though fashion is the next frontier for open-source design.

Atelie Vivo, defined by the creators as a “public pattern cutting library” is a public resource full of clothing flat patterns where people can make their own clothes. Supported by government funding, the idea is to promote knowledge on the basics of cutting and sewing and ultimately, to encourage greater reflexion on the clothes we wear. The library is free, and occupies an area in the Casa do Povo, in Bom Retiro – an area that houses the textile hub of the city. In addition to opening the workshop on Saturdays to 12 people and giving classes on the first Saturday of each month, those responsible for the space also deliver weekly workshops which are then released on social networks.

And all for free.

Could the same kind of space be created for furniture and product design?



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