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Pay all bills from one app, via social media chatbot

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BillGO makes bill paying faster, integrating its app with Facebook Messenger for secure and easy payments at any time.

Banking is only one of the many industries being revolutionized by mobility. BillGO has just launched an updated version of its secure bill-paying app. Using a Facebook Messenger Chatbot, BillGO allows users to pay any bill, any time, without leaving the social media site. The application also enables users to split bills with friends and automates bill payment to make sure users never miss a payment again — or BillGO will pay the late fees.

Previously known as BillHero, the company is in the process of rebranding to BillGO, following release of its Facebook Messenger app capability, the first in the world. Bills from more than 7,500 companies are accessible via the app though currently BillGO is only available in the US. Available for iOS and Android, BillGO sends a single-use authentication code to authorize each Chatbot session and ensures that only non-secure details are sent through Messenger. BillGO says it is continuing to develop the technology and security of the app.

We recently talked to the founder of Penny, an emoji chat app helping millennials with their finances, but largely, banking is playing catch up with other industries to accommodate the way twenty somethings organize their lives. In what other areas can money managing be made less daunting and more convenient?



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