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In London, pay for specialty coffee with app


DripApp offers prepaid coffee plans at participating independent cafes so users save money and don’t need to carry their wallets.

Caffeine is a necessity for many, and DripApp wants to make it easier for addicts to save money while discovering new independent coffee shops in London.

The app enables users to purchase prepaid coffee plans or subscriptions at partnering cafes, so that they need not take their wallet when grabbing a quick espresso. When ordering, users select the coffee shop they’re in and their chosen drink, and the barista will type in a four letter code, deducting it from users’ prepaid total. Prices are fixed around GBP 2 across all participating shops, ensuring drinks are always cheaper than paying with money. The app also features a map that lists participating coffee shops nearby (over 120 cafes have signed up in London), helping users discover new places, and cafe owners acquire new customers.

The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play with the first coffee on the house. DripApp helps independent, brick-and-mortar stores find exposure through digital partnerships. Could a similar mapping app be developed for other niche consumer goods, such as specialty groceries?



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