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Pedal-equipped school bus is powered by the kids

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Dutch De Cafe Racer's BSO vehicle is pedaled by children and designed primarily for after-school care.

We’ve already seen one pedal-powered school bus supported by advertising, but recently we came across something similar on the other side of the world. Whereas Ghana’s TriKademiK is offered as a brand butler in the hopes of helping African families keep their kids in school, Dutch De Cafe Racer’s BSO vehicle is pedaled by the kids and designed primarily for after-school care. De Cafe Racer actually offers several group-powered bicycles for parties and other social events. On these, seating ranges from eight up to seventeen riders and an on-board bar serves beer; pricing is EUR 195 for a full day’s rental of the 17-seater vehicle. De Cafe Racer’s bus for after-school care, on the other hand, accommodates up to 10 children along with an adult driver. Most seats on the bus include pedals so kids can power the vehicle themselves, but the driver also has access to an auxiliary electric motor. Much the way pedal power is already making the world of urban cargo delivery more environmentally friendly, so it holds similar potential for the transportation of children. A little extra exercise for the kids is icing on the proverbial cake. One for your eco-minded brand to sponsor, partner with or otherwise get involved in? Spotted by: Gabriel Vanduinen



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