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Pedal-powered table charges devices in meetings

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WeWatt's modular WeBike table uses the power of its users to generate electricity for devices such as laptops and cell phones during meetings, as well as providing gentle exercise.

Technology that harnesses the energy produced by cyclists and converts it into electricity has been implemented in various ways – from charging gadgets to powering entire cinemas. Now WeWatt aims to enable pedal-powered charging of mobile devices in a meeting scenario with its modular WeBike table. Based in Belgium, the company has developed a combined table and seat unit — made partly from salvaged waste materials — which features pedals in the optimal position to enable users to easily pedal as they sit. As well as providing moderate exercise for the user, the energy generated by the table is then used to power plug sockets for devices such as laptops and cell phones. The unit includes an interactive LED display which tells the user how much AC power they have generated, so they know when they need to start pedaling again. The tables come in two designs, one featuring a straight table-top surface and another coming with a curved surface. These can be fitted together in a modular fashion to create a straight row of pedal-powered tables, a circle of three curved units or a combination of the two. Purchasers have the option to include built-in wifi. The tables promote sustainable energy, provide gentle exercise for the user and, as WeWatt claims, increases productivity. Could your office space benefit from pedal-powered furniture?



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