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Pedometer wristband motivates schoolchildren to be active

Sport & Fitness

MOVband is a wristband pedometer designed to motivate and reward exercise.

We’ve already seen wristband devices designed to motivate kids into physical activity, but what makes MOVband different is that it is available to schools through a loan program, which could encourage a far wider uptake of the device. MOVband was created by a teacher and fitness instructor in response to rising child obesity in the US and budget cuts in schools that have caused a decrease in physical education. It was designed to be simple, stylish and accessible, ensuring kids will want to wear them and can use them easily. The black band — priced at USD 19.99 — displays the number of steps made by the wearer and comes with a range of colored accessory bands — USD 4.99 each — that wearers can “earn” once they achieve certain mileage. In this way, the device aims to promote exercise through friendly competition between individuals and groups. For schools with minimal budgets, MOVband will initially loan the wristbands for a fundraiser challenge, then take payment from the money raised. The video below explains MOVband in more detail:
Statistics show that child obesity figures in the US have trebled since 1980, and also that more active children perform better academically. Can you think of more ways to inspire children to stay active? Contact: via website


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