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Peelable paint

Peelable paint protects almost any surface

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A new paint can be applied to surfaces to protect them from scratches, then peeled off when no longer needed.

For anyone who wishes they could apply a screen protector to things other than screens, a Japanese chemical manufacturer has now developed a peelable paint that can protect almost any surface. Called Belay, the odorless paint is manufactured by Washin Chemical Industry, a water-based paint specialist. The paint comes in both colored and colorless versions, in a clear or soft matte finish. The colored paints were designed in collaboration with French designer Pierre Charpin.

To use the paint, simply apply it to a clean, smooth surface with a brush. Once dried, it will protect the surface underneath from dents, nicks, scratches and water marks. The paint works on various materials such as wood, tile, ceramic and smooth stone, but does not work so well on porous surfaces. The colored paints can also be used on glass, to create removable window murals and decorations. The manufacturer recommends peeling the paint off every few months, to ensure that it remains easy to remove.

Belay paint was launched in November in Tokyo at the IFFT Interior Lifestyle Living trade show . It retails for around 145 USD for a one-kilogram tin of the clear paint, or around 65 USD for five, 30 millilitre bottles of colored paints. Belay joins other unique paints designed to improve modern living, such as paint made using graphene, which can improve the thermal regulation of buildings, and a pavement paint that can fight climate change. In Japan, Belay paint is marketed as a way to provide a “constantly comfortable space” for entertaining, without worrying about spills and watermarks on the furniture. Will peelable paint also prove popular with interior designers and upmarket brands?




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