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Peer-to-peer designer clothing rental starts up in Toronto


New clothing lender Boro allows customers to rent designer fashion and help save waste and expense.

Keeping up with the latest in designer fashion can be both expensive and frustrating, especially for those who like to buy new clothes each season but only have the chance to wear them a few times. But what if you could have instant access to a wide variety of quality garments, which you can wear once and then return? Toronto’s Boro Clothing can now offer an answer to this question. Boro provides a peer-to-peer marketplace for women to rent stylish and high-quality clothing from local residents.

Boro acts as a marketplace and lending library to allow women to rent items of fashionable clothing worth at least CAD 300 in retail value, and which are less than two years old. Lenders send their clothes to Boro, along with descriptions and photos, and the company manages the transaction, including pickup and delivery to and from the ‘Boro’er’. The company also handles all repairs and dry cleaning, and will compensate owners if garments are destroyed or irreparably damaged. Lenders can request their clothes back at any time. Borrowers do not have to pay if the garment does not fit, and lenders receive their money just twenty-four hours after the garment is delivered to the borrower. With prices starting at around CAD 30 for a four-day dress rental, Boro allows women to show up at that special event in a fabulous and expensive gown at an affordable price, while lenders make money from their little-used clothing.

At the moment, Boro only operates in the Toronto area, but the company’s long-term goal is to become the first place everyone goes when they are looking to shop for an upcoming event. In doing so, the company hopes to be able to reduce waste in the fashion industry, and make it possible for women to always look their best at a reasonable price – “looking killer without killing the planet”. It is already possible to rent drones, luxury jewelry, and designer glasses – what else might benefit from the peer-to-peer rental treatment?




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