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Peer-to-peer drone rental service

Mobility & Transport

Up Sonder platform offers peer-to-peer drone rentals, using UberRUSH to deliver drones to users.

As drone use continues to grow, we’re seeing infrastructure develop to support the growing network, with recent spottings including flight insurance and dedicated drone airports. Now, a peer-to-peer drone rental service is in development.


With Up Sonder, drone owners list their vehicles and availability and then users – who require them for specific tasks, such as weddings or sporting events – are able to request a rental. The selected drones are then delivered direct to users via a collaboration with UberRUSH (the Uber offshoot business-to-business courier). Owners are free to set their own prices – though recommendations are provided – with Up Sonder taking a small percentage of transactions (some of which is used to fund global clean water projects). Up Sonder also insures all drones in case of accidental damage while out on loan. Currently in beta, Up Sonder is available in New York, San Francisco and Chicago with free signup.

New uses for drones are being developed on a daily basis: what other services are required to support their use?



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