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More donations to charity via rounded-up credit card purchases

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The virtual ink had barely dried on our story about SwipeGood when we received word of Pennies, a like-minded UK contender. Billed as “the electronic charity box,” Pennies aims to provide an “easy, affordable, private and secure way for people to donate between 1 penny and 99 pence to UK charities, big and small, as they shop and pay by card,” in the site’s own words. Originally launched last November with the support of Domino’s Pizza, Pennies gives shoppers the option to donate a few pennies — whatever it takes to round up their purchase total — when they pay by debit card, credit card or electronically. Using the service involves tapping just a single button on the Chip or PIN machine in-store, or clicking once on the mouse for an online purchase. Shoppers who approve the donation can, however, make a big difference, the site maintains. If just half of the UK’s card holders approved just 8 pence a week in donations, for example — the full amount of which goes to the designated charities — it would generate an additional GBP 89 million every year, Pennies says. Most — roughly 75 percent — of donated funds go to the charities retailers have nominated. The rest goes to supporting children, the elderly, the sick or disabled and generally anyone who needs a helping hand. Shoppers can always view the selections of participating retailers and approve their donations. Travelodge and UK-based Zizzi Pizza are the latest retailers to partner with Pennies. Other retailers and charities around the globe: How about you?
 Spotted by: David Lundholm



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