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PepsiCo launches 'Possibilities' mobile app for recruitment

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There’s no doubt recruitment has had to adapt to new trends and technologies over the years, and we’ve already looked at examples including social recruiting and peer-to-peer recruiting, to name just two. One that recently caught our eye, however, is a mobile app dedicated specifically to recruiting for global giant PepsiCo. Much the way restaurants, hotels, bands and other businesses large and small are creating branded apps for interaction with their customers, so PepsiCo has launched a suite of mobile applications focused on hiring its latest recruits. Dubbed “Possibilities,” the apps are available for Android, iPhone and iPad, giving prospective job candidates access to company videos, tweets and blogs along with job search tools and alerts. “Mobile is a growing communication channel utilized by billions of people,” Chris Hoyt, talent engagement and marketing leader at PepsiCo, told Business Insider. “As a top employer, we’re always looking for ways to connect with potential talent, whether it is via proven channels, trending channels, or anticipated channels.” There’s currently no way for candidates to actually apply for jobs using the apps, Business Insider notes, but we’re betting such capabilities will be on the way soon. Time to develop a hiring app for your mobile-savvy brand? Spotted by: Judy McRae



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