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Peer-to-peer EV charging network in Sweden

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Renault’s Elbnb project connects homeowners with electric vehicle drivers for a nation-wide electricity sharing economy.

Taking inspiration from Airbnb, Renault’s Elbnb campaign improves Sweden’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure by connecting homeowners with drivers. Homeowners with an electrical outlet to spare register their location on the map of charging stations. Drivers contact the owner of a convenient outlet, and the two parties agree on a time and price to charge the vehicle.

Renault encourages homeowners interested in participating to build their own charging box and provides an online how-to guide. Charging boxes power a car in two to four hours whereas a regular home outlet takes eight to 12 hours. Residents who would like to support the project without providing a charging station can still sign up to the Elbnb campaign. The campaign pushes politicians for more environmentally friendly policies, particularly in transport support.

Sharing economies are strengthening communities worldwide, from encouraging kids to share toys to on-demand household assistance. What will be next for the peer-to-peer industry?



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