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Personal weather station offers users health advice

Sport & Fitness

France-based Netatmo monitors the immediate environment and uses the data to offer advice on how users can stay healthy.

We’ve already seen Lapka offer additional functionality to the iPhone with its sensors for testing the organicity of food. While the Lapka can also monitor its user’s environment, France-based Netatmo goes further by using the data to offer advice on how they can stay healthy. The Netatmo comes with two sleekly-designed pieces of sensor kit that can detect changes in air quality – such as humidity, temperature, CO2 concentration, air pressure and the general weather – both indoors and out. The sensors connect to iPhones and iPads and deliver easy-to-understand data in real-time using the tied-in app, enabling users to become more informed about their immediate environment. The app also offers recommendations based on the information – for example, if CO2 levels rise too high it may advise users to open a window, or alerts can be set up if they are waiting for the right outdoor conditions to go for a bike ride. Air quality can be monitored over time to provide insight into general weather behavior and help people make decisions about their living space, and this data is stored online. Through Netatmo’s Urban Weather Program, users can also agree to add their information to a crowdsourced database. The video below shows the system in action: Retailing for EUR 169, Netatmo goes far to not only provide homeowners with data about their immediate environment but also makes suggestions about how to act on the given data. Could other information-based innovations similarly help users decide what action to take based on their environment?



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