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Personalized daily supplements in a single, 3D printed pill

Sport & Fitness

Multiply Labs 3D prints personalized supplementary pills that can contain fast and slow-release vitamins.

We’ve seen how personalized medicines can be delivered in just one 3D printed pill, dramatically simplifying daily medicine schedules, and now a similar offering is available for supplementary vitamins.


Multiply Labs’ 3D printed capsules contain distinct compartments that vary in thickness, allowing various supplements to be released at different times after swallowing. Users select their unique vitamin combinations and a robotic arm automatically fills the capsules with their personalized concoction. Users input their physical details and dietary goals, whether they prefer health or exercise-based supplements, and can then customize suggested vitamin combinations. The easily swallowable capsules are available for pre-order from USD 19, with shipping estimated for Spring 2017.

There are obvious implications for the use of 3D printing in the recreational drug trade — what steps can governmental bodies take to monitor such developments?



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