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Personalized newsfeed cleans up digital workspaces

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Trackmemo is a digital platform which creates a single personalized feed of updates from all the major cloud applications.

Most desk workers spend an awful lot of time managing their emails and searching out information from their colleagues. The huge number of platforms and apps used by organizations to discuss, organize and share digital documents, often means workers are communicating via numerous platforms at any one time. This can lead to chaotic and unmanageable digital working spaces and inefficient working practices. Trackmemo, currently in beta, aims to solve this problem by consolidating all this information, creating personalized news feeds of updates from numerous cloud applications.

Trackmemo is a digital platform which aims to help businesses streamline information exchange within their task force. It creates personalized feeds for each worker, which enables them to stay updated on the projects that concern them and filter out the ones that don’t. The service helps users to monitor multiple cloud-based applications — it currently supports Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Github, and Bitbucket — within one comprehensive, personalized information stream.

To begin, users download the app to their desktop and connect it to whichever services they use. Next, they choose to track the projects or topics which concern them and they are then updated in real-time about any changes to relevant documents — including details of the alterations. Trackmemo also organizes all communication into a centralized, threaded, and searchable conversation, so that users don’t have to rely on confusing, meandering chat threads.

Trackmemo hopes to integrate a further 20 applications and bring the service to mobile soon. Are there other services which could help workers communicate more efficiently?



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