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Project management platform hosts architects’ advice

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As anyone who has undertaken renovation or construction in the past will know, the world of architectural specifications and planning permissions can be an overwhelming prospect. Hoping to offer a guiding hand through that world we recently came across Pet Architect — an online platform launched last week to facilitate better relationships between clients and architects. Aiming to stimulate this improvement in relations and understanding is Pet Architect’s chat service. The service lets clients ask direct questions or ask for advice on any issues regarding construction, planning or architectural work. The local “Pet Architect” will then endeavor to reply to these questions as quickly and as best as they can. Once clients have set up a “project” on Pet Architect, the online platform then offers a wealth of extra services, such as free home consultations, a “quick sketch” service for design plans and a planning permission advice service. Registering on the platform as a client is free, with the option to add the individual services to a project as required. Quotes are then returned to the client for how much each service will cost. From the client dashboard, it is also possible to add team members to projects, such as plumbers and electricians, who can then exchange messages and files with the client. Throughout the project, all correspondences and sent and received documents are automatically archived into one zip file, with hopes that this will make it easier to manage and keep track of projects as they develop. The platform also host a forum and blog, where advice, news and discussions are available as sources of extra information. The service is currently being trialled in Edinburgh, with plans to expand to other cities. Those in the construction industry, one to get on board with as a partner or to host your own services?



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