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Bracelet features built-in GPS and security alarm system

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As we saw with Hollaback, the mobile app blowing the whistle on street harassment, technology is increasingly coming to the aid of women’s wellbeing and security. In a similar vein, we recently came across PFO, a new line of bracelets with built-in GPS defense systems. Designed by Oscar Magnuson and Efva Attling, and produced by Elcoteq, the jewelry appears at first glance to be little more than a bracelet consisting of 6 blocks. Inside the bracelet, however, is a GPS device which sends a tracking signal and an alarm to the wearer’s “shields” when the bracelet is pulled. With the Basic service these “shields” will be the wearer’s three most trusted friends, who can then call the wearer to check whether they are in danger. If the wearer does not pick up, these friends can track them using the PFO app on their smartphone or notebook. Alternatively, with the Premium service, pulling the bracelet will send an alarm to the security company G4S. G4S will then call the wearer, ask if they are ok, and request the wearer’s password. If the wearer is in distress, supplies the wrong password or does not pick up, G4S will send out a unit to the wearer’s location. Although pricing is yet to be decided, the bracelet is available to pre-order in black for delivery in July 2011, with other colors available to view on the website. Both the Basic and the Premium services last for 18 months, with the Premium service currently only available in Sweden. One to help expand to your part of the world? Or simply to be inspired by! (Related: Cabs for and by women.) Spotted by: Johan Carlsson



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